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We provide services to the Greek consumer since 2002 

Following market needs and based on years of experience, we are presenting our new products, which relate to private companies (Sanitation and Redesign business bank loans) and indebted households (active constraint and restructure their debts from loans business, mortgages, credit cards and consumer) separating the following categories: 


1. Reengineering borrowing 

2. Application in art 99 of the Bankruptcy Law 

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 The services offered are:  

• Analysis and monitoring on a monthly basis of the results and the financial figures of the company. 

• Financial Analysis - Identify weaknesses. 

• Drafting Design Business Plan and Marketing Plan. 

• Design and implementation of Development Studies. 

• Feasibility studies 

• business valuation, analysis and evaluation of specific investments or assets. 

• Cash Planning - Cash Flow. 

• Advice & Planning Issues relating to bank lending 

• Mergers and acquisitions 

• Restructure debt and securitization 

• Partnerships, joint ventures, strategic partnerships. 


Analysis of all financial functions of the business such as: 


• Margins and costs for each product or service. 

• Inventories - Cost stockholding 

• Time of collection and payment, tracking problems. 

• Analysis of costs-minimization review - correlation with income. 

• Measuring productivity - Analysis standard cost and performance. 

• Analysis using ratios and forecasting systems limits endurance. 

• Calculation of break-even forecast healthy growth.