The company BKD Restructuring was established to provide Financial & Legal advisory services, specializing the Debt Management and Redesign Lending. 

Our long and successful history of BKD Restructuring projects due to great expertise in the field of Distress Planning and understanding the modern needs of business and individual consumers. 

The number of operations that we have implemented, recurrent collaborations with our clients, knowledge and experience of our staff and the certification of our services in the standard EN ISO 9001:2010, is a key driver of ongoing development work and our clientele. 

Particular emphasis is placed on areas such as: 


• Strategic and operational planning, 

• Business Process Reengineering (BPR), 

• Restructuring and Reorganisation of companies 

• Debt Management 

• Redesign Lending 

• Provision of services relating to all the financial needs of the Greek consumer

Doing the right thing for our people

To help create value for our people, we look to establish an environment where they feel proud to work in. A supportive and engaging workplace is essential for the efficient performance of our people, whilst creating a pleasant environment for them at the same time.

Y investing in their training and development through in-house and external seminars to develop their skills and competencies

E providing timely, honest and frequent feedback

S applying our code of conduct for ethical business behaviour