KSi Greece

The KSi Greece, as a member of international network KS International with presence in 62 countries,

is a new and dynamic company whose main goal is to help clients build and develop their business activity in Greece and abroad.

Our Company has experienced executives with years of professional experience and excellent academic education. The KSi Greece represents a flexible and competitive company that combines high quality integrated services and high level of customer service and immediacy stems from the fact that our staff can focus on the individual needs of each client.

Doing the right thing for our people

To help create value for our people, we look to establish an environment where they feel proud to work in. A supportive and engaging workplace is essential for the efficient performance of our people, whilst creating a pleasant environment for them at the same time.

Y investing in their training and development through in-house and external seminars to develop their skills and competencies

E providing timely, honest and frequent feedback

S applying our code of conduct for ethical business behaviour