Business Consulting

- legal advisors, economists and accountants - assumes the inclusion of stakeholders to benefit from the provisions of Art. 99 of the Bankruptcy Code. Our services cover the full range of tasks required for successful inclusion in the article. 99, from drafting a shaped according to the needs of each client business plan to the representation before the competent courts. The hallmark of our services lies not only in-depth, personalized and responsible consideration of financial data of each customer individually, but mainly our negotiating capacity, which has established us as one of the most leading and effective consultants in the area of ​​consolidation in Greece . The steady and significant presence for several years in the business reorganization is the link between the debtor and creditors while the momentum we have created allows us access to the biggest banks in the country with a bargaining advantage over our competitors.      

  What is Article 99 of GTR;

Debtors, natural or legal persons facing temporary cash problems may, under certain conditions, to submit an application consolidation before the competent courts in order to achieve, within a certain time to reach an agreement capable of improving their financial position. The inclusion of a company in the process of consolidation accompanied mostly by request for precautionary measures, the content of which may extend beyond the suspension of law enforcement measures and the prohibition injunction against the applicant, and any other measure necessary for finding a solution to the economic collapse and increase the chances of an agreement with creditors on a stable asset base. Our long experience in the area of ​​consolidation, which is reflected in the plethora of successful applications consolidation and the power of knowledge ensures the rapid and successful inclusion in the article. 99.


106b 'GTR Borrowers who have achieved consensus creditors representing 60% of total obligations, of which 40% is collateralized, may submit for ratification before the competent court under consolidation, without placing them in the article. 99. The reorganization agreement provides for the treatment of all creditors of the debtor and contains the way and the extent of the repayment obligations of any kind. Indication, may provide for the extension of the repayment of outstanding obligations, or capitalization of liabilities, transfer of assets and setting at doses of preferential debts under the terms of non-infringement of collective satisfaction and the principle of equal treatment of creditors. The realistic approach and subject knowledge led us to first validate Agreement consolidation in Greece and became a point of reference for all subsequent. Clients Below is an indicative list of customers who trusted our services and reward them with success and premium handling their affairs:      


  The restructuring services aimed at improving the results of companies and restructuring debts both to the public and to financial institutions and suppliers. A draft administrative restructuring and corporate reorganization, reflect the strategic priorities of the company and consider carefully all options in order to adopt, finally, the least expensive and most rational solution to problems.   The BKD designs and implements the necessary restructuring actions that can actually improve the image of the company in operational, organizational and financial level. Our services are not only troubled companies, but targeting all companies wishing to prevent unpleasant situations and prepare for the future. With our extensive experience in successful restructurings will look and put before the administration of the company's current situation, and present a specific plan of reorganization.    

Services restructuring

The services we offer include:

operational Restructuring

Achieve profit and reduce losses through restructuring of all operating segments and creating new business proposals business

Strategy Supporting

enterprise to improve its competitive position by creating new and innovative ideas to create competitive advantage, and to maintain profitability. Marketing strategy and identify growth opportunities. Reducing Costs Determination of the main areas of cost and the factors shaping, optimize business processes and reduce operating costs, with the main purpose to improve the profitability and competitive position of the business. Create a plan proposed actions. Optimization yields a Treasury Application of methods of recovery available to ensure maximum performance and improving relations with the operators.

Financial Strategy

Maximizing resource efficiency of the business and operation of the Financial Division to achieve business objectives. Gap analysis between existing and future performance (Gap Analysis). Design an action plan to achieve the desired performance and support the implementation of financial strategy.

Budget and Financial Models

Improving the budgeting process and the harmonization of the strategic business plan business with regular and their functional design. Design, implementation and delivery of appropriate financial model, which supports proactive monitoring and debriefing of financial figures and making alternative scenarios.

Improving Financial Information

Shortening the time of preparation of the financial statements, and providing accurate and timely financial information to all concerned. Suggestions for process reengineering, system optimization, organizational improvements and technological support. Designing effective reporting system (reporting).

Cash Strategy

Overview of the working capital cycle to identify opportunities for improvement. Create procedures for realistic forecasts and possible cash flows.   Design and Implementation of improvement measures Develop operational plans to achieve results in line with strategic planning.

Financial Restructuring

Liquidity management and working capital. Contacts with lenders and other stakeholders. Renegotiating loans and refinancing.

Design alternative plans.